$3150 - Women Only Horseback Riding Vacation  $3150 - Wild Horses Wyoming - Wild Mustang Horse Rides

$2600 - Adult Horse Camp for Men and Women 

$3150 -  Horsemanship for Women - Horse Camp for Women



The Schedule of Dates for the 2019 season has been finalized, click here to go to the dates and itineraries

We are developing a new online reservation system, so until it is up and running, please call Bobbi directly to book your trip and pay your deposit. Do not send your credit card information to us by email! 


There are a lot of things you can't get out here - There are a few things here you can get nowhere else . . .

Like the freedom to be your own person; simplicity and a return to a straightforward way of doing things. Blue Sky Sage promises you will get all these things and more, set in the middle of expansive western Country, with a willing Horse as your partner.

Ride with Mike and Bobbi - your hosts, trail guides, and owners of Blue Sky Sage.

We will not hand you off to a wrangler - one or both of us guide every ride ourselves, every day, so you are assured the experience and expertise of our 40+ years as professional guides and horsemen are shared throughout your experience.

Active Riding On Good Horses - You will go home knowing you've spent plenty of good time in the saddle . . .

Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures are not a dull "nose to tail" trail ride. The rides are safe and controlled, yet physically active, and where practical, you ride off-trail and abreast of your fellow riders. Natural horsemanship philosophies practiced and shared all week, so you can become a much more confident and knowledgeable horsewoman.

Wide Open Spaces - The fences are few and far between, "civilization" is a long way off . . .

When you are riding with Blue Sky Sage you will be horseback in the midst of the wide-open spaces of Wyoming, with 100-mile vistas stretching between the horizons. Ride along the Continental Divide as it crosses the Red Desert or into the Honeycombs badlands wilderness of the Great Divide Basin. Find yourself along the banks of the Little Sandy River as it winds its way like a ribbon of refreshment through the high, cool desert. This tall and uncut Country is the home of the true western perspective. Cowboys, wild horses, historic trails, and ancient Native American campsites are still a part of this landscape. The fences are few and far between, "civilization" is a long way off and the freedom to ride is limited only by your desire.

Away from the crowds - A smaller group means more personal attention . . .

One of the greatest benefits that you will enjoy when you choose a Blue Sky Sage horseback riding vacation is the intimate, exclusive experience that is not often found on a dude ranch vacation, pack trips, working ranches or other trail riding vacations where 12-50 riders are common. A smaller group means more personal attention, more privacy and more individual space. You won't get lost in a crowd at Blue Sky Sage; group size is limited to SIX RIDERS PER WEEK.

Home on the Range - The Little Sandy River is just a step away from your tipi door . . .

Outdoor living on the trail, or "simple luxury" is how we accommodate your needs during the ride week. The premise is to have everything required for people to be safe, comfortable, well-fed and well-equipped, without all the “noise” that buildings, electricity, and all the accoutrements they support to interfere with the simplicity of an off-the-grid “home on the range” in nature.

The Blue Sky Sage "Double Wade" Women's Saddle - For the optimum comfort and performance of both you, the rider, and the Horse . . .

Custom-Designed Riding Saddles - that have been developed with the knowledge and experience of well over 37 years of professional riding and guiding. An exclusive saddle built on a genuine Wade tree, designed especially for women; it is lighter weight and incredibly comfortable.

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