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Freedom - It Leaves Hoof Prints - Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures

"Wyoming Wades" - A Tribute

Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures in Wyoming

Imagine yourself in this slide show, then make a reservation to experience your own Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventure.
This slide show is a compilation of photos provided by many of our guests, Blue Sky Sage, and Clix Photos. Copyright 2016, all rights reserved.

Mustang Horse Adventure

Wrangling Spring Horses

Stallion Standoff

Survivors: There Are Still Wild Horses in Wyoming!

Mustang Horse Adventures are again available, for the 2013 season! Make your reservations now!


This is just to "tease" all you horsewomen and horsemen who really want to ride free like this; no fences, no "nose to tail" plodding along, if  you are skilled enough and fit enough.

"Horsepower" written by Mac McAnally, ©2003 Wordfarmer Music, ASCAP/performed by Chris LeDoux 

Girls Ride Out! Video Clip

This was from the last day of the last ride of the 2010 season, a Girls Ride Out! all women's week.  It's pretty shaky, might make you dizzy to watch it, as I was recording with a hand-held camera while riding Grey Bear and keeping up with the group. We really "tore it up" all week, this is actually a pretty tame ride for this group!

Music from movie soundtrack  "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron", 2002

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