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Mike Wade, on his personal saddle horse, OutlawI have decided, as the spirit moves me, to write and share thoughts, history, and observations about my and Bobbi's life here in our cherished Wyoming, the career we have chosen to practice and raise our two daughters in, and stories I have retold around campfires too numerous to count. I have mountains of material to draw from after thousands of pounds of worn-out horseshoes ground into the dust, a couple of dozen 4x4 pickup trucks sent to an early grave, and a bunch of cowhides left out in the sage in the form of boot leather.

You never can know, but thoughts about the wild horses here in Wyoming, the mountains and plains that I love more than my next breath, the critters that have filled, and continue to fill my life, the politics that shape my do's and don'ts, and the thousands of customers I have guided. Somewhere in there should be fodder for a good read.

These writings can't really be called a "blog" because they will be far too sporadic and hopefully, more meaty; less like a "Big Mac" and more like a freezer full of respectully-harvested Wyoming elk. They will contain my opinions and observations, sometimes pure, cold, fact but usually, just fantasy-filled, caffeine-driven, or boredom-motivated rants. Time will tell if we will ever be able to sort one from the other.

Mike Wade
January 16, 2012


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