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When you were a little girl, did you ride a stick Horse across the tall-grass prairie in your imagination or were you lucky enough to race across those imaginary plains on a Horse or pony of your own? Horse posters may have papered your bedroom walls while every Horse story on your bookshelf was consumed like a hungry work Horse eating sweet grass hay. Cowgirl outfits may have been your fashion statement in those early years. Then, those childhood dreams became sweet memories as you passed out of girlhood and in to grownup life. By the time you were a full-grown adult, Horses and Cowgirls were replaced with family obligations, high-stress jobs and schedules packed full of everything but “me” time.

Every now and again, women need to be free from the responsibilities of caring for and meeting the needs of others for awhile, to focus on their own well-being and pursuing some of their own dreams. Today, women have the means and the time to make their dreams of a Wyoming horse vacation become a reality. For the Cowgirl at heart, there is nothing better for the soul than the whisper of a summer wind on the skin and that unique feel of a good saddle Horse under you, as you lope across the prairies of Wyoming with other women who share those same desires. What women really want is to shed off all the piled-up stress of daily life, to eat great food and enjoy a good drink, to engage with other women in lots of laughter, and to breathe deep of fresh desert air. Peace and quiet alone, and sincere, quality time with friends both old and new will help you gain a perspective that may have been lost for awhile, as you ride stirrup with other Cowgirls of the sage.

You can live out your Cowgirl dreams on a women only horse back riding vacation with Blue Sky Sage, as you hit a long trot with the Wade family, Bobbi, Mike, and Emily, to ride the wide-open spaces of Wyoming. This horseback adventure vacation is very Horse-oriented, with lots of "saddle time", no set daily schedule or regimen, and natural horsemanship instruction throughout the week. And though you are "roughing it" there are plenty of amenities, such as a hot shower every day if you want, and a touch of western class with hors' d' oeuvres and cocktails before dinner. So go ahead and give yourself permission to ride across the open range like a Cowgirl, you deserve it!
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