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The western slope of the Wind River Mountain Range holds in its arms some of the most spectacular sights that you will find anywhere in the West. Stands of quaking aspen trees, surrounded by snow-frosted peaks and desert-red rimrock canyons, are dressed in their full autumn regalia, treating you to a wide spectrum of translucent red, yellow and orange fall colors. The clear waters of the Little Sandy River calmly flow through the golden valley, relaxing and quieting everything it passes by on its journey.

Most locals consider mid-September to be the best season to enjoy the Wyoming we all love. It is early autumn at this time, with just enough cool fall “snap” in the air to make for some of the best riding weather of the year. Many of the best stands of the “quakies”, as the aspens are known locally can be enjoyed while out riding or on a quiet walk right from camp. Wildlife inhabits the river bottom and the canyons out in the high desert and many species are especially active at this time of year. Elk, deer, moose, pronghorn and other critters are seen each week and if you are lucky, you may hear the bugle of the rutting bull elk echo from the backcountry as he gathers his harem for the rut. Eagles, hawks, and waterfowl are spending time here as well, before their migration to warmer climates continues on.

The Fall Color Ride is conducted at a little bit slower and more relaxed pace than the other rides Blue Sky Sage offers, though it is still very active and is not a “nose to tail” trail ride. The setting is tranquil, the riding is relaxed yet the pace will be varied according the desires and skills of the group. The spectacular wilderness scenery and turning colors of September or the Lakota “Canwapegi Wi – Moon of Brown Leaves”, rival the most brilliant New England autumn foliage display.
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