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Girls Ride Out! Horseback Adventure Vacations

Enjoy a week with the ladies while experiencing a horse ranch vacation.   When you were a young girl, did you ride a stick Horse across the tall-grass prairie in your imagination or were you lucky enough to race across those imaginary plains on a horse of your own? more >>


Horsemanship Retreats for Women

Specials on our Western Riding Vacations.


"Horsewomen of a Certain Age" - Who are we? The women I know who are on the horsemanship journey are from a wide age range, are from all walks of life, reside in countries all over the world, and they have the common bond of the horse as a major fixture in their life. For you women, Blue Sky Sage exists.  more>>






Mustang Horse Adventure

Our wild mustang adventures are a true wild west experience.   This story of the wild mustang horses of the Great Divide Basin began in 1520, when the Spanish introduced sixteen Barb Horses to the Americas. The descendants of these "1st Horses" made their way north of the Rio Grande, by way of Indian raids and trades, until some escaped into the protective home of the Great Divide Basin. more >>

Guys Ride Too! Horse Camp for Men & Women - Horseback Riding Camps

  Blue Sky Sage offers our active, open-range horseback riding camps for couples, mixed groups of men and women or groups of friends/family who all know each other. more >>


Fall Color Ride

The western slope of the Wind River Mountain Range holds in its arms some of the most spectacular sights that you will find anywhere in the West. Stands of quaking aspen trees, surrounded by snow-frosted peaks and desert-red rimrock canyons, are dressed in their full autumn regalia, treating you to a wide spectrum of translucent red, yellow and orange fall colors. The clear waters of the Little Sandy River calmly flow through the golden valley, relaxing and quieting everything it passes by on its journey. more >>


WE STRONGLY URGE ALL CUSTOMERS TO CONSIDER PURCHASING TRAVEL INSURANCE COVERAGES TO THEIR TRIP PLANS! Blue Sky Sage recommends TravelGuard/AIG which can be purchased through these links or by clicking on the logo.

NOTE:  Travel insurance must be purchased within 15 (fifteen) days of final invoicing on your Blue Sky Sage riding trip, your payment of airfare and/or hotel reservations, whichever is paid first. Click on the AIG/TravelGuard logo to continue and purchase.

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