“It is hard to describe this transformation in words, but it will happen to you, too”.

"Sometimes all it takes is a single week away from your “everyday life” to not only help change your perspective on things but to put you back in touch with your true self, and a ride week with Blue Sky Sage will do this for you and more. 
While always having been “horse-crazy”, I had really only started to take riding lessons in earnest a couple of years prior to arriving at Blue Sky Sage, and was a bit worried that my riding skills would not be “up to snuff” for open range riding. However, Bobbi is extremely gifted at matching both the skill levels and personalities of each group of guests. 
While my group of six women ranged from very beginner to very intermediate, no one felt bored or overwhelmed on our rides. That is the magic of BSS. In addition, Bobbi and Mike will at times make you step up and get out of your comfort zone a bit and thus make sure that you get exactly what you need from this experience - even if you are not looking for it. It is hard to describe this transformation in words, but it will happen to you, too.
As a somewhat shy person, I was a bit intimated at first by the idea of meeting five strangers and spending a week with them in the middle of nowhere, but by the time Bobbi picked us up from the airport and we were all in the van and headed to camp, we had already bonded. A favorite activity of our group was to head to the creek in the free time between happy hour (yes, there is a happy hour!) and dinner each evening to bathe, drink wine, chit chat and just soak up the experience.  
Probably one of the favorite things I took back from this trip was the realization that I absolutely want to continue to pursue becoming a better rider and horsewoman and to prioritize this journey as much as time and money will allow.  One of the highlights of my BSS week came a few weeks after, when during a riding lesson my teacher commented that my confidence and skills had sky-rocketed since my trip and that she thought I was ready for the “next level” in my horsemanship.
There are so many things that make this a truly unique experience – the remote and beautiful location, the daily rides, the true “off-the-grid” experience, cooling off in the creek drinking wine with newfound friends at the end of the day, the horses, the stories, the camaraderie – no matter what you are looking for, you will find it here". - Anika, OR / 2017, returning in 2018

- the experience has changed and helped me deeply

You have created an experience that truly has the power to change lives. The "freedom" in your tagline is real and it's far more than a physical sense. When I came to camp last year, I know I wanted to ride horses in a wild, natural setting -- but I longed for something more, something far deeper. I couldn't name it, I wasn't even sure what I was after. I just knew I wanted to be far away from my daily routine, family, job, everything. I wanted to know myself in a different life altogether -- and see who I was. I remember reading your entire website in one sitting and knowing this was it. And after two camps, I can tell you -- the experience has changed and helped me deeply - Mary / 2016 & 2017, returning in 2018

I learned so much this week

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a magical week of long rides, long lopes, good laughts, good stories, good food, all with strong, fun 'vimmen'. That first day of riding I thought I would collapse in a fit of tears for the loss of my mother, but each day got a little better with so much good spirit around me. I hugely appreciated Barbwire's and Rivet's smooth lopes and easy dispositions. I learned so much this week, and muy confidence grew - Sarah / 2016 & 2017

I've never ridden so far in such open country

I'm not sure where to start, except with a huge THANK YOU! Our adventures with you all were beyond expectations. The location, the accommodations, the food, the company, and of course, the RIDING! I've never ridden so far in such open country -- or so fast (you may have noticed)! And I can't wait to do it again -- next time with more confidence - Kama / 2017

Thank you for making me feel so comfortable

Great to hear from you - and so fun to see your photos on FB.  I think about my "horse trip" every single day.  I talk about it almost every day as well.  I cannot begin to express how much i enjoyed my week with you and Mike - and the whole crew.  Thank you for making me feel so comfortable, taken care of, and safe the whole week and for providing me with the environment my mind and body were craving - Misty / 2016 

It was so nice . . .

The highlight of my summer. Thank you all again for helping me check one off the bucket list. It was so nice I'm thinking of putting it back on. - Marta / 2016 

What an incredible adventure!

What an incredible adventure! Everything I had hoped for - except for the morning after being over served. I FEEL GOOD!! LOL. Thank you so much for a great time! Good food, accommodations, riding - and new friendships. I loved our group! My husband and I are fishing, hiking, hunting in Montana. Every time I see beautiful horses, I think of Blue Sky Sage. Have a wonderful winter! And, remember, if you need another cook... Take care! Ellen / 2016 

"I can't say enough about the riding experience . . . "

Hello Bobbie and Mike,  Thank you for the update of your season’s end.  It prompted me to go back over my pictures.  I can’t say enough about the riding experience, especially as I was a novice.  You made me feel so comfortable and safe as I tried this new adventure. Best wishes as you move into the off season, of which I imagine you are just as busy.  Hoka Hey! -  Penny W, 2016 / Michigan

" . . . this one was by far the best ever."

We still can't believe we are back here already. We look forward to our trip all year and this one was by far the best ever. We treasure the time we spent with all of you. I shared this poem with Tricia on the way out to the camp...thought I would send it to everyone, because it captures the essence of what this trip means to us...
"She wasn't where she had been. She wasn't where she was going 
but she was on her way. 
And on her way she enjoyed food that wasn't fast, 
friendships that held, hearts glowing, hearts breaking, smiles that caught tears, 
paths trudged and alleys skipped. 

And on her way she no longer looked for the answers, 
but held close the two things she knew for sure. 

One, if a day carried strength in the morning, peace in the evening, and a little joy in between, it was a good one 
and two, you can live completely without complete understanding." 
~ Jodi Hills 
We love you all and look forward to seeing you soon.
Cathy and Sandy, MA / 9 rides with Blue Sky Sage, 2016

"Thank you for a week of pure joy."

Thank you for a week of pure joy. For a long time I have dreamed of riding horses the way I hike - wondering and wandering. Agnes Martin, my most treasured artist and writer, exquisitely captures my experience with Blue Sky Sage - "happiness is being on the beam with life - to feel the pull of life". Truly, I felt alive with energy and happiness every moment.

I will see you next summer without a doubt1 I have much to see and much to learn. With gratitude . . . Sarah, OR / 2016

" . . .you have truly given me the chance of a lifetime"

Thanks so much for opening your wide open, sage smelling & wildflower home! I have enjoyed my adventure. The horses were beautiful & I have learned new skills. I do appreciagte every single tip that you gave me & took to heart. Emily, your food was incredible & you are ver talented and resourceful. Lindsey, thanks so much for helping out this greenhorn. You are so sweet. Bobbi & Mike, you have truly given me the chance of a lifetime. I have dreamed for so long to get to ride across the open Wyoming plain. I can now say that I truly have! Hoka Hey! - Karen, OH / 2016

"Each of you should be proud of Blue Sky Sage . . ."

We came to Blue Sky Sage with a certain knowledge of what to expect & we are leaving with far more that we could ever have anticipated!

Thank you for all you have given us this week . . . from the moment we personally met Bobbi in Pinedale, to driving into camp and meeting the rest of you, you treated us just like family. Each of you are loving, kind & genuine and went out of your way to be sure we were comfortable. You have taught us things e could get nowhere else . . . you fed & housed us . . . you made us laugh & cry . . . you shared your surroundings & horses . . . you enriched our lives with stories of Wyoming. Each of you should be proud of Blue Sky Sage and the gift that you to those who spend time here with you. Again, thank you . . . Hoka Hey! - Amy & Beth, MI / 2016

"It was life-changing. I’m so grateful to both of you."

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the wonderful time that Betsy, Debbie and I had at your camp along the Little Sandy.  What an incredible way for us to be able to ride and reconnect in “real” time.  I don’t get to see them often enough – only every few years.
For me personally the whole experience was transformational.  I was surprised to find that I came away with an entirely new way of looking at myself and the world.  I’m not sure I can describe it but I think that being in the moment on the horses made me more aware in general and I’ve been much more in the moment in days since then.  I also gained a much deeper understanding of my self as an individual and in connection to others.  It was life-changing. I’m so grateful to both of you.  Go Long Riders!

Much love,
P.S.  I still have Wayfaring Stranger going through my head every day. - Nancy, KS / 2016

"You guys were a pleasure to be around, and I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship"

Well, I'm finally home and getting unpacked and wanted to expand upon what I was able to punch out microscopically on my phone for Facebook.  Not only were your horses the best trail horses I've ever ridden (remembering I spent 15 summers in Wyoming before I met you); but you went to every length to make the human side of the trip super fine.  From the "welcome mat" towels in our tents, to the shower tent, to the tank of creek water conveniently put near the wash basin, to the solar charger (!) to the woodstove in the mess tent for those unexpectedly frigid mornings....the dust pans for those of us inclined to sweep out our lodgings, the cocktail hour snacks.The food was ne plus ultra, clean, healthy, tasty, and the desserts too good to resist (and I have a lot of will power!).  I wanted to tell you that Emily is a treasure, and her beaming face was a big contributor to that Halloween grin you saw on me for the entire trip.

I have always found it a tremendous pleasure to be around or even watch people who care enough about what they do to be the best at it, whether they are waitpersons or musicians or Wyoming guides.  You guys were a pleasure to be around, and I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship. See you at Equine Affair, and I hope next year in Wyoming - Stephanie, NYC / 2016 

"Every aspect of the trip exceeded our expectations"


My wife Pamela and I just returned from the 2d Mustang Adventure of the year. All we can say is that it was a once in a...

Posted by Pamela-Roy Chevallier on Sunday, August 2, 2015

"Million Dollar Horses"

 "Million Dollar Horses"

*Thank You Mike & Bobbi!

Million dollar horses,
H^ote cuisine" - 3 courses

fragrant sagebrush everywhere
wandering free, without a care,

Views and vistas around every corner,
Beautiful flora & prairie fauna,

Learning & listening, stories abound
It's true no better restoration can be found!!

One week with the Wade's
Is simply of what dreams are made,

Thanks for another wonderful break,
Until next time - it's worth the wait!! xxx

Rachel, UK / 2016, 2015, 2014

"At Home On The Range" essay by Kit

 Kit, of CA, formerly a NYC resident, has ridden with Blue Sky Sage on five different weeks, her most recent in 2015. Read her essay from 2012 entitled "At Home On The Range" here.

"Hoka hey" is something that I was definitely lacking in my life"

Thanks for getting the pics out so soon..you got some good ones! I'm still on a high from the whole experience..and still recuperating ..lol. Didn't realize how tired I was til I got home. 
But at the same time I feel so refreshed!  "Hoka hey" is something that I was definitely lacking in my life, and having the opportunity to experience it in your beautiful Wyoming has really made an impact on me. As I told you, the ride exceeded my expectations in every way. Loved getting to know you and Mike and laughing and sharing our stories! And of course looking forward to next year! Please stay in touch and let me know if you want to visit me in Texas! - Cynthia, TX / 2015 


"You managed to boost my confidence on a big horse . . ."

Thank you so much for an amazing week. You managed to boost my confidence on a big horse, which is no small feat. AND - I made cowboy coffee this morning and it was GREAT! Think I got the photos up on the website - hope so.  Now I must drag myself into work - back to reality. Many, many thanks to you, Mike and Clara. - Jane, MA / 2015

"I had the time of my life . . ."

 I have been home for two days now and cannot stop thinking/talking about last week! I had the time of my life and I want to thank you ( Mike, Clara and Laettitia) for making it all happen.  Nice to see photo of you out on Ginger (wish I was still there with you. My daughter Rebecca has just uploaded my photos from the holiday into the Dropbox you set up. Even though I say it myself I think that some of them are pretty good. I particularly like the ones of Hidalgo meditating! - Hazel, UK / 2015

"I appreciate the small, intimate nature of your groups . . ."

 I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience. It gave me back something I lost a while back due to some life challenges. And I also want to congratulate you on your two employees. They were both just fabulous. I really appreciate the small, intimate nature of your groups and the way you and Mike make each one feel welcome. My sisters and I may possibly try to come next year, I'm working on them :) - Betsy, VA / 2015

"It will be hard to find anything to live up to the holiday . . .

Carol sent this note first, then followed up with her review for American Round-Up of her experience with Blue Sky Sage:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Mike for a wonderful holiday. It was a truly life changing experience for me. Just what I needed to do. The peace and tranquillity of the camp and the vastness of the surroundings allowed me the space, in which, to put myself in order. I will start next week to see if I can get you some publicity in the UK.  I just need to work out the best way to do it. I hope you have a wonderful summer and that it is not too long before  I can come back to Wyoming. Please send my love the girls too. With love and thanks. Carol ****

"It will be hard to find anything to live up to the holiday I experienced with Bobbi and Mike Wade. 
They are truly professional and inspirational.  Their horse expertise is exceptional and they are very hot on safety, for both, horse and rider. The orientation lecture given by them ensures that everyone is familiar with what to expect and what is expected. Not something I have ever experienced on a riding holiday before. But it was entertaining,  insightful and informative. 

The camp is both comfortable and clean. The location has been carefully selected and laid out. The tranquillity of the camp was something else.  My tepee was positioned near a little river.  A plunge in the water was a refreshing break after a long hot day in the saddle, therapeutic and good for the legs before a hot shower. Our food was healthy and good. The dinner menu was varied, anything from Bison steaks to BBQ salmon filets, served with local fresh vegetables. Desserts were simply delicious!. Breakfast was equally good and our packed lunch cleverly easy to carry and eat. The campfire evenings were a special treat with stories of bygone days and adventure.

The horses were all very healthy, well cared for and fit for purpose. They were also well rested, i.e. not used every day (also novel in my experience of this type of holiday.) Not one of our group (6) felt out of their depth – either not challenged or challenged too much.  We were encouraged to be very hands on and develop a strong bond with our charges.

The country side is exceptional and Bobbi and Mike chose the terrain/routes carefully in keeping with the level of experience of the riders, the weather and the conditions.  Our ‘Mustang’ experiences were unbelievable. I thoroughly recommend this trip. Yellowstone was sort of ‘ok’ after the Red Desert!

Yes, of course, I have a complaint! I am British. My complaint is that my holiday came to an end.  I cannot recommend these two professional, personable and engaging people too highly." - Carol G., United Kingdom / 2014

"Great food, lovely folks and fine horses and saddles"

"Can't thank you enough for such an incredible vacation. It exceed all expectations in every way.

Visually . . . flowers, scenery, "Elfin Forests", wind blowing over the long grasses, and who knew you could have flowers at your feet in the "head". The sounds of the wind and the creek along with the wakeup chirps from the birds and the marmot souds. Great food, lovely folks and fine horses and saddles that were as comfortable as possible even for someone who had not been spending time in the saddle for the past 2 years.

Mornings waking up to another wonderful day waiting for the grasses around my tent to be silhouetted against the tent knowing Clara would be getting coffee and a fire ready. Best alarm clock ever! Wonderful rides, followed by a needed soak in the icy creek, dinner and stories around the campfire. Hope you can view the videos on this drive, wish I had done more of them as watching them sure is fun. Thanks again, I hope to be one of your repeat customers". - Fran, FL / 2015

"I learn so much, being here . . ."

 "Thanks once again for another "Wonderful Wyoming Week"! I was so privileged to ride with the group & the "Rocket Ride" was everything I hoped it would be & more (Mustangs!)! I learn so much being here, & have a fantastic time! Thank you & enjoy the winter! Much love - Rachel, UK / 2015 & 2014

"An essay from Sarah, 2015"

 Sarah, from NY, shared her 2015 Blue Sky Sage experience in her blog post, which you can read here:

"I find that my words fall short . . . "

"A week ago at this time I was on my way home from Jackson; a sad day for sure.

When people ask how my trip was, I say it was great and that I had a wonderful time (while inside my head I'm saying "yeah baby...it was freak'n grrrreat, awe-inspiring, thought provoking, beautiful, peaceful yet exciting at times, ... yada yada yada - I could go on).  I find that my words fall short and my pictures fail to capture the total beauty and grandeur of our surroundings.  What a beautiful place...what wonderful people. It was truly my honor to meet you all and to have the pleasure of sharing such an excellent adventure together.  Thanks for your words of wisdom, encouragement, and for the endless laughs (ENDLESS...I still chuckle when thinking about the stories:)).  I like to think we'll have another opportunity to laugh and ride together again. Virginia, thank goodness you decided to join us after your additional adventure in Cody!  You are a wonderful example of how a little (easy for me to say) bump-in-the-road can be handled with perseverance and grace.  I hope you are well." - Mary Ellen / VA, 2014

"I love the friendships created at BSS"

"Its Friday here in Norwich VERMONT and its been a tough week!  I have not fully grown accustomed to a five day work week since vacation aka Blue Sky Horseback Adventures . . . I love Wilhelm!  Hugs to the Hippo!  That was the best night in camp!  I can still hear the laughter!!!!!  It will make my winter months not so endless!

I love the friendships created at BSS . . . You really get what you need at BSS . . . Relaxation (you have to unwind in a tipi!) Exercise (really.... the shower is put down hill for a reason - not to mention the quarter mile hike to the toilet!)  Healthy foods (did you ever think Gluten-Free is good?)  Mind Exercise (lengthy, thoughtful chats with Mike!)  and wide open room for elbows, wind in your hair, hailstones on your back, freedom to ride!  I love BSS!!!

God knows our needs and provides them...and Mike and Bobbi have listened to His whisper! May God Bless the Happy Trails you all ride til we meet again!" (this testimonial has been edited to protect the guilty - BW ;) - Sue / VT, 2014 & 2013

"We finished the summer in style, didn't we?"

"Well ladies (plus Mike! of course) - Just wanted to say hello as soon as I could, very sad to leave you all.

- We finished the summer in style didn’t we? I learnt so much, laughed so much and enjoyed my week in Wyoming immensely – it was more than I ever thought it could be!  Made some friends forever, everyone is VERY welcome in the UK anytime, we have spare beds!  I am still chuckling and smiling, lots of great memories.

Bobbi/Mike/Clara/Amy – Hope the last week goes well, and see you again next year (yes I told Ian immediately that he is on his own again for a week next year!!)

I have a some photos which are a bit big to email so will try and pop into the drop box thingy!

Much love." - Rachel, United Kingdom / 2014

"Hope to see you again soon!"

 "This vacation with you guys was truly wonderful, best vacation ever! I really hope I can come again (if there wasn't this 18h flight involved it would be a no-brainier ...).
Thanks a lot for uploading your pictured to Dropbox, I already downloaded them all. I've uploaded my pictes (you should have received an email a couple of min ago), there are some great ones as well.

We stayed for another 3 weeks in Wyoming and on our last week we rented a cabin from a guy named Glen George and he told me to say hi!
I told him about this awesome week I had at BlueSkySage and he said "wait, I know these people..". You must have met at a trade fair. Funny coincidence ;). He owns a very pretty and huge log cabin in Hyattville, right by a river, we enjoyed the stay there very much, he is a great host, too. 

Hope to see you again!" - Katharina, Switzerland / 2014

"Ride Your Horse"

 "Ride Your Horse - A Photo Testimonial"

This pictorial is so very special to Mike & I, as Kit, Janina, and Taeko have ridden with us for several years and they are the younger set in the Blue Sky Sage tribe. They bring friends, they make new friends, and they carry an energy, enthusiasm, and soft spirit to camp when they show up. We love them all, we are their Wyoming "family" and this photo journal touches us very deeply. Kit said we could share with you . . . 

Thank you to Bridget, Kelly, Pam & Angela for being part of this special week in 2013.

". . . every year the riding gets better and better."

"Dear Bobbi and Mike - Just a quickie to let you know that once again I had a fabulous week. I don't know how it is possible, but every year the riding gets better and better. I don't think I could spend a year without seeing you both. Love you lots and thanks again. See you in November." - Beebe M., MA / riding every year with BSS since 2006


"Mom and I greatly respect your dedication to preserve this land . . .

"Hi Mike and Bobbi -This is the first of several emails with our "highlight" pictures from the week.  We attached a few to this one that we thought you would especially enjoy! It was so wonderful to get to know the two of you. Mom and I greatly respect your dedication to preserve this land - your knowledge of and passion for the horse and their welfare is inspiring.  We learned so much in the few days we were with you and only hope we can remember enough to share it here!  We're thrilled to call you our friends!  We will definitely stay in touch! We had such an amazing time and will never forget it. Thank you!!!" - Kristen and Barb V., WI / 2013

"I think my heart grew a bit bigger this week."

"Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for making this trip possible for me. I had the most amazing time with "Camp NY" and am sure this memory will stand strong in my mind for years & years to come. I can't thank you enough for your kindness & generosity. I'm going to start saving for next year as soon as I get home! I had the most incredible time, I think my heart grew a bit bigger this week. Thank you both, Love Kelly." - Kelly W., NY / 2013

"I would like to sign up for a week next season."

"Dear Mike and Bobbi - I have just been looking at the videos of the wild horses in 2013 from your website, and trying to draw them, and then checking out the current weather in Pinedale. I only play act as a left brain person, I am really more right brained, I think, and that is my excuse for not feeling able to well express how much I was moved and exhilarated by my week in your camp. I would like to sign up for a week next season.  I have looked at the dates.  I could come any week starting in the middle of July . . . please put me wherever it will help your scheduling. You know my skill level. In a year, it should be better, although I doubt you will want to put me in your wild mustang group!  I did a little successful loping since I came home, but as the horse is a paso fino, he may not count . .  .In closing, I offer another song lyric, to the tune of Gershwin's "Summertime":

"Saddle sores, and the riding's uneasy.
All that bouncing takes a terrible toll.
To compensate me for this physical misery,
I hope that some horse sense enters in my soul.
One of these mornings, I'm going to ride out singing,
And I'll lope those hills, where the sagebrush blows sweet.
But til that morning, it's only moleskin and Band-Aids,
As I doctor my not so independent seat."
Best wishes, and may the 30% predicted thunderstorms wait until the middle of the night." - Virginia K., FL / 2013
P.S. Virginia also wrote "Song for Blue Sky Sage" in camp, which is a humorous and heartfelt tribute to everyone who was part of her Blue Sky Sage week.

"True gifts of love!"

"So enjoyed my time. True gifts of love! Sharing horses, great conversation & fabulous food!" - Diane B., CA / 2013

"Big blue sky in the wide open sagebrush!"

"I had the time of my life! Big blue sky in the wide open sagebrush! Loved the experience! New friendships made! Thank you BSS for a great time!" - Sue Ellen E., VT / 2013

"I keep looking at my banged up boots, my hat, and the Pronghorn antlers to remind me"

"Dear Mike and Bobbi - I keep meaning to send you a note...time flies. It was so wonderful to escape the day-to-day craziness of life in the city, but when you come back, it doesn't seem to take long before it swallows you up again! I keep looking at my banged up boots, my hat, and the Pronghorn antlers to remind me that I really, really was in Big Piney, living out my riding fantasy. Honestly, I always used to say that I wanted to be a cowboy when I grew up.

Thanks so much for letting me be part of a Blue Sky Sage adventure. When my mind is racing with other things and I can't fall asleep, I think of all the Pronghorns, the sound of the river next to the teepees, how great it felt to finally be able to tack, cowboy coffee, the rainbow over camp, the thrill of loping, not remembering at all falling on my face, Mike's stories and Bobbi's singing, and the incredible and undefinable beauty of Wyoming. Growing up in Wyoming, I wonder if you can appreciate how magical and spectacular all of that is to someone who grew up in NYC, where all I got to ride was the subway. And the subway never lopes!

By the way, I started running to get ready for the trip. I was a total non-runner and the first time I ran 1.5 minutes in May was a killer.  Well I came back from Wyoming and ran my first 5K and came in 3rd in my age group!! 3rd out of 49  women in the 60-69 age group.  I thought for sure I'd come in last.  And maybe as a result of getting the rocks shaken up in my head, I've signed up for the Boston Marathon (I must be nuts!). I think, as long as you don't get hurt, distance running is mostly mental-you just decide to do it. Part of the motivation was being  involved in the medical triage at the bombings this year, partly I wanted to defy being 63 by the time of the marathon, partly I wanted to take on the mental challenge, and partly why not get ready physically for my next Blue Sky Sage ride.  I'll keep you posted!  Anyway, thank you so much.  Please know that you have a place to stay if you ever decide to come to Boston.  I hope it isn't long before I get to ride with you again. Very sincerely and best wishes" - Evy P, MA / 2013


" . . . learned a lot from you guys and our conversations."

 "Dear Bobbi and Mike, I wanted to thank you for a great week. I really enjoyed the riding, learned a lot from you guys and our conversations. I wanted to tell you that I took Mike's advise and started the "hugging at the mounting block" twice a day [with my mare] and yesterday I could get on with a saddle in minutes with minimal fuss. She still seems worried and anxious but its already so much better. I rode her with a rope halter and lead rope using the move hands up first to get her attention, long reins and so on and it really works. She seems much calmer and less anxious and walks slower and more relaxed. So THANKS !!!!" - Christian L., NY / 2013

"Pictures and words do not capture the beauty . . ."

"Horace Greeley had it right when he said go west. Pictures and words do not capture the beauty of the desert and mountains or even come close to seeing the herds of wild horses running freely. The week was filled with new experiences each day - all of them grand. Our trusty steeds took us over part of the Oregon Trail, up mountains and down them. The end of the day was shared with good food, stories, music and new friends. Thank you Bobbi and Mike." - Betty R., MA / 2012 & 2013

". . . riding those wide open spaces takes your breath away."

"Thank you for sharing your photos from “our” week at Blue Sky Sage. I will add mine soon – possibly already later tonight. I have been thinking which online media to use for sharing my photos – so you made my  choice easy! 

Yes, it was a great week – and I do allow myself a bit of credit for our desert ride and the mustangs ….  and to be honest, initially the Mustang ride was one of my reasons for choosing you and your outfit for a riding vacation in the first place, so when you put it on your schedule again for next year, I had to book early to be sure to secure a spot when it would fit into my other plans for my vacation, not knowing how quickly the week would fill up. But even without the mustangs, riding those wide open spaces takes your breath away. One of my thoughts when we rode out in the desert on the last day of the week, before going after the mustangs, was that this was out of this world, and I was actually riding there myself! That landscape is so amazing, and in all its grandeur it does not seem real. So thank you for heeding my suggestion to see and ride in the desert landscape. And I look forward to seeing you again next summer – and again ride the wide open spaces of Wyoming!  Best regards - Ebba W. / 2012, from Denmark

"Amazing with their knowledge, horses and riding."

Thanks to Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures. Thank you Bobbi and Mike!! Amazing with their knowledge, horses and riding. We had such a great time . . . lots of riding, saw wild horses, moose cows and calves, trumpeter swans, bald eagles, sage grouse, osprey, bison, rafted down the Snake River, Yellowstone Park, Granite Hot Springs, Grand Tetons.....I had to come home to rest! :-) I'm still teary eyed every time I think of you, Mike and your horses. An experience that will never be forgotten. Oh man! I can't even write this without the tears starting. You two are amazing people both with horses AND with people. I SO appreciate Mike's ability to remain calm, see, feel, sense and hear . . . - Suzette H., NY / 2011

"THANKS for the best adventure EVER!!!"

Home safe and sound. Hot and humid here, but not the 100 degrees of earlier this week.  Already miss Wyoming..................Rode Goose and wore my hat. He was happy to see me and we pretended to be back in the wide open spaces.  Milly, the dog, was ecstatic to see me.  Miss all of you and just wanted to say THANKS for the best adventure EVER!!!  P.S. Ducky wanted to thank you, Mike and Eric for the great trip. - Janet K-W., MA / 2011

"Best trip to date, 61 years . . ."

Now I can say "best trip to date 62 yrs" as my Birthday was yesterday.  Obviously I have seen the world and met amazingly wonderful, creative, bright, educated, interesting people.  I definitely include you and Mike among the most special people I've ever had the privilege to know.  Thank you for sharing your love .....of land and horses with me. - Lisa K., NY / 2011

"I am now determined to develop my equestrienne skills."

Thank you so much for the opportunity to realize my dream of a "horse vacation." I had a marvelous time, despite the mishaps. I am now determined to develop my equestrienne skills. - Teresa S., CA / 2011

"For me, it was truly a gift to see these wild horses enjoying their freedom"

Hoka Hey! I'm sure that we will all remember the wonderful experience that we shared with you, Bobbi and Mike, whenever this phrase comes to mind. What you do on these Mustang Tours is fabulous, and as I said at the Granite Hot Springs, is a wonderful ministry to others about horses, the Mustangs' plight, and whatever else your guests want the experience to be.

For me, it was truly a gift to see these wild horses enjoying their freedom, and to have the priviliege to get to form a bond with "Little Buck"; I'm sure I would have with "Marlon" too, but just didn't get to spend as much time with him. As such, "Little Buck" was my favorite, as he truly captured my heart, as did the Mustangs.

I apologize for being so weepy that day, but it was a result of being so moved and touched by the majesty of the Mustangs. Seeing them run free was such a special thing, and really emotionally touched me. Thank you, all, for being so understanding and supportive . . .

I can't tell you how much I loved the entire experience that I had with you and Mike out there! It was such a fabulous trip and an experience I shall always cherish. When we hugged good-bye, you said that you hoped I had found what I was looking for on the trip....Well, I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, except to actually experience the whole cowboy lifestyle that is living out that way. And I found exactly that and more. I wanted to take in the entire experience and I had the opportunity and did do so - even the sleeping out "under the stars" all night! All this, thanks to you and Mike.  I also got the experience that I wanted of being around and on horses as much as we were! That was the most time I've spent around/on a horse, and the special bond and relationship that develops between the horse and the rider is something that was totally new to me! I've always had a very deep love and connection with all animals (except for snakes), but did not realize or know that special relationship that develops between horse/rider; or how different it is from the relationship between cat/person or dog/person (which is what I'm most familiar with)! It really touched me, and I know that you know how attached I got to Little Buck; and of course, how strongly moved I was about the Wild Mustangs!

Again, it was such a pleasure to share this special trip with all of you. Bobbi and Mike, give "Little Buck" a good gentle rubbing under his chin (which he seemed to like) for me; and give "Lucky: and "Jasper" a good rubbing their bellies for me too. Wishing all of you nothing but the bes that llife has to offer - Martha S., FL / 2011


"I really got away and I’m so grateful to you both . . . "

I’m up to my eyeballs in laundry and email, but thank you so much for the update on Scarlet – it made me laugh! Hard to say what kind of horse she’ll be, but she’s definitely got a sense of humor! We had such a great time riding with Blue Sky Sage – I’m so missing the smell of the sage, the taste of Eric’s food, the thrill of galloping with my friends, being “like Mike”, Bobbi’s great smile, and on and on and on. I really got away and I’m so grateful to you both for that (and to Flash, Little John and Miss Kelly).

Jan took some great pictures which we’ll upload for sure – the one with all of us “just like Mike” in our slickers is just too funny! - Judi R., MA / 2011

". . . you have a herd of very well-trained and sweet horses."

Thank you for a wonderful western adventure! I had a great time. Thank you for taking such good care of all of us. You and Mike should be very proud, you have a herd of very well trained and sweet horses. The riding was a blast and I'm going to miss the steep inclines, gallops and views, the conversations and the quiet rides too. You and Mike are educated on many topics both about horses, and in a broader sense as well. I really enjoyed talking with you both.
Thanks to Eric for great food and company. So far my running shoes fit, the rest is a little snug.
Miss Scarlett was the topic of much conversation all the way from Jackson to Boston. I think Judy and Jan are already mapping out adventures for Miss Scarlett.
Alright keep me posted. I already miss my teepee. - Kate B., MA / 2011

". . . the most wonderful horse experience I have ever had."

Thank you so much for the most wonderful horse experience I have ever had. I keep remembering things that I learned over the week. I traded one of my little boar pigs for four comanche coils, the Amish that wanted him is a harness maker!!!  I started to work with my 12 year old mare on hobbling and will do the 3 year next. It is really hard to keep focused on my job, my mind wanders back to the "wide open spaces" . . . Susan S., MI / 2011

" . . . my mind wanders to how it felt riding thru the sage."

Good to hear from you.... I sent a few pictures. I had a great time!   I keep thinking about how much fun it was.  I find myself looking at places to gallop my horses when I am jogging.  No wide open places like out there.  Every spare minute my mind wanders to how it felt riding thru the sage. It felt so free and relaxing!  I hope to keep improving my riding, and to be able to come out again. Thanks for the care in the meals and making it a special time! - Michele D., TN / 2011

"And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared."

We are trying to stretch out every last minute of today, soaking in the warmth, inspiration, peace, and laughter that you, the land, and the horses share with us each time we visit. We took a little “swirl” through northern CO between Laramie and Ft. Collins on the way back – beautiful country – a little bit of Wyoming, a little bit of Colorado. It looks promising... We got to the airport early, so we could have breakfast. As we were leaving, I looked down at the table and saw the paper tag from my tea bag on the table. It read:
  “And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.”
                                                                - Homer
I’m guessing it’s from The Odyssey, and, I thought, a perfect sentiment to send us all into our next adventure.
Our love, thanks and hugs to you both / Cathy and Sandy F., MA, 2011 and many previous years

P.S.  I’m managing to hold onto that feeling of floating across the sage. I’ve been “getting with” my pony in some really neat ways since I came back.

"You guys are good for the soul!"

"Another wonderful week of horses, riding and lots of laughing. Missing you already. You guys are good for the soul!  You and Mike really put a lot of yourselves into your business and it makes for such a wonderful experience. Thanks for the warm hospitality and special friendship. Needless to say, the arrival back to the daily realities of life is always a little abrupt - jobs, obligations, and responsibilities. But our days riding in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming carry us through! Leonard & I had a wonderful time riding, laughing and spending time with you in Wyoming. Here is a copy of the pictures we took on the trip. Hope they will remind you of our adventure.  Like everyone, the economy is still challenging us, but it is people like you that we will remember in 2010." - Leonard & Alyce P., CA / Riding with BSS for over 8 years

" . . . best riding experience of my life . . ."

" I've been telling all my horse friends about you.  I absolutely had the best riding experience of my life with you all.  Hope to be back next year.  Thanks again" - Carole, CO & TX / 2010

"Thanks again for the trip of a lifetime!"

"Thanks again for a trip of a lifetime! Carol and I have ridden twice since and we are both so amazed at how much better riders we are.  Leonard and Alyce sent pictures on CDs recently.  Maybe we can connect with the same group again next year-I will ask Sallie when I see her at work next.  Take care!" - Julie, CO / 2010

"I absolutely loved every minute of it!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for such a great riding experience. I absolutely loved every minute of it! From the story telling and the campfire songs, to the food, the hospitality of the other girls and especially the horses. It was better than I expected and I am looking forward to coming back the same week in 2011." - Kristin, FL / 2010

"The trip was so much more . . . "

"I wanted to say thank you again for providing such an amazing experience. The trip was so much more than I'd imagined and your kindness & generous hospitality will make this adventure a lasting memory . . . I hope to see you next year!" - Karen, CT / 2010

"My skills as a "Vagabond Horsewoman" certainly grew . . ."

"I have a hard time putting into words what my experience with you at camp and preparing for the Mustang Adventure, meant to me. My skills as a "Vagabond Horsewoman" certainly grew with your support and quiet enthusiasm. So did my personal self-worth. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to challenge myself and to feel good about the outcome." - Lois, NY / 2010

". . . great horses and exceptional company."

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank-you for a wonderful time in Wyoming with great horses and exceptional company. I am going to order some real riding boots for next time, maybe next year if I can find somebody to come with. More to follow . . ." - Deborah, TX / 2010

"The riding was superb, the scenery stunning and . . ."

Just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous adventure--the 2nd time was even better than the first ... although I couldn't have even imagined it could be!  The opportunity to learn was ingrained in everything we did, and I think my capacity to absorb it was higher.  The riding was superb, the scenery stunning and the camp life--food, fun and comraderie was amazing.  You do an excellent job of 'reading' your customers and everything seemed to be 'just right'!  I can imagine that you are enjoying some down time, and I hope that you are taking time for yourselves before your next group.  I will be sending more comments, and of course sharing my pics but I just wanted to say thanks--I was able to challenge myself in a safe way on the most beautiful tundra I know--and it was great.  Thanks for sticking around Fri night Bobbi--that was a wonderful evening of sharing memories and laughter.  I know I'll be back...take care.
Kim P., Ontario, Canada / 2010 Mustang Horse Adventure & 2008 Girls Ride Out!

"I . . . pretend I'm back among the sage . . ."

The week flew by all too fast, and although it was nice to get home and ride my own horse, I sometimes close my eyes while in the saddle and pretend I'm back among the sage and wide open spaces, with good friends and great horses!  Take care . . .  Joan B.,  Rhode Island / 2009 Mustang Horse Adventure

"It was everything and more than I expected"

On the Three-Dimensional Horsemanship Clinic, September 2008: The information gained from Mike’s clinic talks, demonstrations and practice, as we rode through the beautiful WY hills, has already improved my riding and sharpened my focus on my horse’s behavior in the two weeks since I have returned. I am handling my horse with more attention and intent. Mike & Bobbi, you created a relaxed learning atmosphere combined with specific, clear guidance and riding opportunities that allowed us to: 1) ask questions knowing there were no “dumb” questions 2) immediately practice what we heard and saw, and 3) adjust the learning among both experienced and relatively new riders with ease. We each learned from each other’s experiences as Mike built his body of knowledge day-by-day. The rides were so enjoyable and being at your camp was a relaxing and renewing experience in itself. THANKS SO MUCH. It was everything and more than I expected. - Chris F., Connecticut, 2008 & 2007

". . . why would you want to go anyplace else?"

I went to your web site just to look at photos. So beautiful. Everybody's been sending photos around, and frankly it's overwhelming. And honestly, the photos don't capture the physical beauty, the critters and the overall experience . . . it was again great this summer. Love your entire set up, and also love just getting out there away from all the hustle. Last night, Pam was saying where can we go next, and I was thinking why would you want to go anyplace else?   - Ginny C., New York / 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

"I can't wait for next year!!"

If each of my trips get better than the last, I am going to have to move to Wyoming. This past week was wonderful - what a great bunch of women, on your fantastic horses, riding over the beautiful high desert. HWL is truly a unique riding and camping experience. I feel very privileged to have seen so many wild mustangs! How many horselovers get to do that? If I had to pick a favorite ride, I would have to say South Pass City, but why pick? All the rides are fabulous. Please thank Mike and Jack for all our delicious meals. You and your family make the experience. I can't wait for next year!! 
- Beebe M., Massachusetts, 2008, 2007 & 2006; coming back for 4th time in 2009 

"We thank you and your horses . . ."

Our week with you all is one that we will never forget. Sandy and I so
enjoyed our time with each of you. We will be digesting (and savoring) our trip for many more months. We are changed forever!

We have returned to find that our riding is also very different - we think it has improved - hard to be objective on that - but we know for sure that we have much more confidence. We thank you and your horses for that! ...and
Mike the advice you gave us on our "dangling arm" in the lope provided us with a gigantic "Aha!!!" It helped tremendously.

  - Cathy & Sandy F. / 2008, 2005, Massachusetts; coming for 3rd trip in 2009

"what a great combination this year's trip was . . ."

Leonard and I had a wonderful time with you guys. We returned safely home with a quarter of a buffalo packed on ice in the truck cab.

On our ride back, we talked about what a great combination this year's trip was. By balancing the "wild horses" and the scenic areas of Wyoming, we really got a great balance of active range riding and the adventure of the search for wild horses. Thanks for both. We really enjoyed catching up with you this year. The campsite is wonderful. Probably your best yet. The economy is causing challenges for all of us. We hope that your summer is good for you. Thanks again for a wonderful week.   - Leonard & Alyce P., CA, coming for 6th trip in 2009

"I feel a different person now . . ."

Dear Bobbi & Mike,

I made it home safe and sound in spite of my endless flight. Well, at least I guess I'm still sound. ;) Here are some of the pics I took during our last week together. Hope you like them. I certainly loved spending time with your family and your horses. I feel a different person now. Or better, I feel I can think different now. Straighter, clearer. Even though the so said civilized world offers tons more distractions than the open spaces. :) I told my parents -especially Dad- about everything we did. I fantasize one day I'll be able to bring them along for another WY adventure. Thank you.

- Giulia M., Florida and Italy, 2008

"We must confess we are in withdrawal!"

Thanks for a great week. We had a fabulous time.. The riding was beyond our expectations, and spending the week with you all and Susie seemed like spending a week with family. We hope your move to the new camp goes smoothly. We must confess we are in "withdrawal" for some really great horseback riding. Unfortunately our recent activities have mainly related to work!! Still hope we will see you in the mountains of Colorado in October after your season is over! Also remember the invite for this winter and dog sled racing.  - Sallie & Bob, Colorado 2008 & 2007, coming back for 3rd trip in 2009 

"I have told everyone about the wonderful adventures "

Bobbie, Mike & Emily,

You are welcome and thank you! I don’t recall receiving a letter of thanks quite so nice and personal as this one. I too had a wonderful time and have told everyone about the wonderful adventures we had in Wyoming. Mostly I talk about our hosts’ the Wades who were so patient and caring with their horses, their Horse-Man-Ship philosophy and the Hoke-a-Hay attitude that they taught and practiced throughout the week. I’m sure I’ve spelled Hoke-a-Hay wrong so would you please let me know how to spell it, I would appreciate it. (Hoka Hey)

My adventure of seeking out and watching the wild Mustang herd was a dream come true for me; a dream of mine since childhood. You are very fortunate to re-visit them at will and I hope the Mustang will continue to roam free forever as peacefully and gracefully as the day I saw them.

I really enjoyed seeing the bond you have as a family; the fact that you genuinely enjoy being together, spending time together, sharing the day’s events and helping each other. Emily is a wonderful young lady and I think we became friends even in the short span of a week. I have some wonderful pictures to send to you.

When I was riding in the truck with Mike the day of the Wild Mustang Adventure, I told him about a vacation I had taken . . . to California and how that trip turned into more of a disaster as each day unfolded. More complications arose each day, tempers flared . . . To this day, they still can’t admit that they failed to deliver what they promised. Everything that the CA trip was NOT, your trip WAS. Everything you spoke about was totally honest and accurate. Keep up the good work, let me know what I can do to help, and call me if you’re in the neighborhood. I look forward to riding with each of you one day again-soon. Give Curley and Flash a kiss for me. I hope Flash has seen the dentist and is feeling better.

As I rode through our area I thought a lot about my surroundings, the trees, the woods, the fields, the land, the hills (we don’t have mountains, sorry), but I think you would really enjoy riding in my area as much as I did in yours. I extent this invitation to each of you now: come and ride with me in New Jersey. Anytime. I ride all year round and each season brings different sights to enjoy. Be safe, be happy and keep singing . . .    - Nancy A., New Jersey 2008

". . . you pretty much have the perfect trip!"

Many thanks for your newsletter -- Ginny and I had just been discussing HW&L-ing next summer and your news arrived that day in the mail, so clearly it's meant to be!

I had such a great time in August with you and Mike and the group -- maybe it was the fact that you had put us all in touch prior to meeting, but we seven meshed so well so quickly that it was like a vacation with friends from the first day. Throw in the unbeatable HW&L horses, country and cooking and you pretty much have the perfect trip!

The (competitor ride) is in a beautiful spot and the trails were gorgeous, but I found the rules and regulations regarding the horses and riding pretty irritating. I'm sure I'd been badly spoiled by the freedom of riding with you -- and certainly I understand the liability issue -- but it is STRICTLY nose-to-tail riding there with hell to be paid for Trotting Without Permission, Lagging Behind -- or worse, Getting Ahead! -- and other wild behavior. But, hell, I was on a horse in spectacular country so it's a minor complaint.

Hope all is well there! Thank you again for a wonderful week -- it was a privilege to be a part of the HW&L family!

  - Ellen B., Connecticut / 2007, 2006 

" I so enjoyed my time in Wyoming . . ."

Dear Bobbi, Mike and Emily,

I wanted to take a minute to write and wish all of you a happy holiday. I also wanted to thank you for one of the most wonderful weeks I ever spent on the back of a horse! The riding was spectacular and I thoroughly enjoyed your company as well as those 3 veterinarians! And--Jack's cooking was terrific! I so enjoyed my time in Wyoming, especially the day we went searching for mustangs, that it started me on another life journey.

I began searching for a mustang of my own--one that was gentled and trained and I found him in Rock Springs this past November. His name is Chip of Gold (Chip), 6 years old today and a complete sweetheart. My daughter and I went to see and ride him and that was it! He is now a Texan! I've had him about 4 weeks and have loved every minute . He's also been quite the talk around the Horseshoe Club (where I board my quarter horse). It seems that very few people have ever seen a "real" mustang up close and they are very curious and impressed with his quiet and willing attitude. It seems that he has become an ambassador of sorts for the mustang around here. I've also joined the Mustang Heritage Foundation here and will be helping with their next spectactular makeover in September! So you see that if it wasn't for that week with you, this chapter in my life would never have happened! Thank you again. I hope all is well with you and I think of Emily and her dogs often. Take care and I wish all of you the very best 2008. If you talk to Jack, please say hello to him from me. P.S. I'll e-mail photos of Chip. Take care.  - Margy R., Texas, 2007

"I surely appreciated the safety aspect."

Thank you guys so much for a great week. It was so much fun and I surely appreciated the safety aspect. I appreciated how much you guys cared about the time we had and you cared about your horses. I think the horsemanship part is so cool and always feel we can never master that enough. The learning never stops. I would love to come out again sometime. If you guys ever travel to the East Coast look us up and you can stay with us or visit. I never met Amanda but Emily has a good head on her shoulders. You must be doing something right. Keep in touch. - Stephanie O., New Jersey, 2008

"Everything I experienced and saw has inspired me"

Wanted to thank you and Mike and the girls for such a wonderful experience. Its feels quite surreal now I am back in NYC in the thick of things.

Everything I experienced and saw has inspired me (I am now a subscriber to Western Horseman!). And a very special thanks to Mike for my authentic Cowboy boots. I love them.   - Sibella C., 2006 / New York

"That's the fastest I've ever ridden"

I had a wonderful time and am still "in Wyoming."  I went for a lesson yesterday at the stables and my trainer said, "You're leaning a forward a little more than you usually do...why are you doing that?"  I said, "So I can stay centered when my horse jogs over the sagebrush."  We had a good laugh.  I'll never forget loping out in the wide open. That's the fastest I've ever ridden.  What a thrill!  I came home with lots of information for the setting for the novel and I'm mad at work.   - Pam R., 2006 / California

"It was a pleasure to enjoy the horses and scenery "

It was a great adventure visiting with you all in the great outdoors. The weather couldn't have been nicer for our trip. It took a week or more to re-adjust to life here at home.

You guys were great! It was a pleasure to enjoy the horses and scenery all week and not have to do any of the work. The food and lodging was 4 star- I especially enjoyed the quiet evening campfire and old time western music at the end of the day. Mike's horsemanship clinics were so informative and enjoyable. Reminding us to stay aware of our horse's "thought bubble" helped make the daily rides through the wild, open spaces safer and more enjoyable to us all. It helped keep us connected with our horses.

I felt the spirit of travelers that had passed this way hundreds of years ago as we rode the dusty Oregon Trail to the old Pony Express station. I remember wandering through the old barns and living quarter of old, barely-standing buildings that were filled with traces of life a century ago. The site seeing trip to old towns and cemeteries with spirits from he old west still linger in my thoughts. Thank you for the opportunity to experience a part of this years-ago lifestyle.

I felt really honored to be given Winchester to ride for the week. What a nice trail horse. His intelligence and attention to his rider made for a very pleasurable ride. I have the picture attachment on the desktop of my computer.

I told my husband that I wanted him for Christmas: Would you consider selling him? Life here at my farm would make a great retirement spot for him. Must run!   - Nancy W, 2006 / Georgia

"west of the tension line . . ."

I wanted to say such a big thank you to you both, and to Amanda and Emily (and the dogs and the horses!) for such a wonderful vacation. It has taken me until today to get back to normal because of yesterday's big competition day. Everything went on hold until that was all over. I looked at both Brooke's photos which she sent to me on disc and my own the other night and it just took me right back to the smell of sagebrush and the blue sky and the big wide open spaces. I so envy you your lifestyle and the obvious pleasure you have in what you do.

My day job seems even more tedious than normal and the UK more crowded and grey and rainy and the prospect of another winter ploughing about in the mud and the dark just so unappealing. I would love to come back again and bring some of my friends with me to experience the riding and the whole Wyoming experience. I found the riding mentally really challenging compared with my riding here, but physically easier than I expected - thank goodness! It was all I could have asked for and then some - in no small part because of the kind of people you all are. I felt like part of a family not just a guest going through the motions of experiencing Wyoming. Thank you so much for this great experience. I can definitely recommend being "west of the tension line"!

Hope all goes well for you and will be in touch next year to try and come visit you all again with some of our mates. I now have to do a talk for our Pony Club children this winter to describe my trip and the riding experience, and will be making good use of your website and links to fill all of them with enthusiasm for your wide open spaces and wonderful hospitality. I will also send you my photos on disc if you can let me have an address - if its not on your website. And thank you again for just the best time with you all.  - Mo C. / 2005, Wales

"Something touched my heart . . ."

As I write this, I know you are both out on a ride, most likely to South Pass City, with your most current guests. Oh, what I would give to be back there! I cannot describe the feeling at night to look up at the black sky and see a million stars brightly shining, let alone the Milky Way! Nor can I express what it felt like to climb up towards Pacific Butte, eat lunch, and have Bobbi pick a good place to "fall off"! Boy, that was a day! Still, the grin on Bob's face as we took up a "slow" lope on the last day towards the Lander cut-off, comes to mind with me laughing over the sheer fun we were having.

I give you both so much credit for creating an atomosphere that is both safe and fun. I felt like a cowboy out there. If only Wyoming didn't have seven months of winter! As corny as it sounded, nothing capped off the week better than Bobbi singing "Home on the Range". When you listen to all the verses, you realize just how privileged you were over the past several days to be part of something bigger than you.

Toni and I decided to come back in two years, but I may find myself there sooner. Something touched my heart, and I don't want to lose that. All my best.   - Brooke L. / 2005, Virginia

"You treated all of us so special."

Beth and I talk about our trip all the time. It was the best. We get together once a week, at least, and ride. I miss your girls and feel like they became part of my family of grandkids. They are something really special and you are giving them the education of a life-time working along-side of their parents and meeting so many different and unique people from all over. They are awesome young ladies. Tell Amanda my hat band is 23" for the beaded one she is making me. There is no hurry - I am sure she is busy with new people coming in for the trips. Tell Emily I hope she is wearing her bandana and a string on her cowboy hat. She sure kept me smiling and I really miss that great cookin' Amanda did.

Bobbi, Mike and you are just the best. You treated all of us so special. By the end of the week, I felt like I had known all of you for years. It went by just too darn fast though. I was just getting to enjoy the dips in that COLD Sweetwater River! When I ride now I can still smell the sage brush. Actually, I brought some home and its in my kitchen. I also really miss my little mustang "Brick". I love the pictures with my brand on him LVT (thanks to Emily). Brick was the ride of my life and I will treasure those "Go Go Girl Rides" forever. I hope Brick and ol' Whistle are doing good. Anyway, take care and thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I have memories I'll cherish forever.   - Linda V./ 2005, Michigan

"Your horses far exceeded my expectations"

Just a short note to thank you all for a wonderful holiday. It was a real pleasure to completely cut off from the hurley burley of "normal" life and share a few days with you. Your horses far exceeded my expectations, the scenery around the Sweetwater was dramatic and so different in each direction and you all made us feel relaxed and "at home" from the moment we arrived.

A special thank you goes to Amanda for all your hard work preparing those delicious meals.   - Chris E. / 2005, England

"It was truly a grand adventure . . ."

I hope you've recovered from the Green River Gang! I had a spectacular time and want to say thank you once again for the terrific hospitality. The folks at work can't seem to understand that riding a horse while towing another in 40mph snow showers for 8 hours is an absolute joy - I would have smiled more but my face would have frozen. It was truly a grand adventure.

Take care, have a great summer, give Ranger and Chinook a hug for me and keep in touch!   

- Joan B. / 2005, Rhode Island; returning for 3rd ride in 2009

I can still close my eyes at night and imagine being all snug in my tipi, waiting for that beautiful view at sunrise. It was a magical vacation to say the least.
I brough home a small bag of sagebursh and have it in my tack trunk at the barn, and every time I open the door I get a small reminder of Wyoming! Thank you for everything.   - Joan B. / 2004

"The wide open spaces, the wind in our faces"

I'm sorry for the delay in writing back to say a huge thank you, but I've been assembling the photos I took whilst with you and more than 200 in the week following. In the wallet which I have put together for you are just some of the very happy and funny moments we had together!

Thank you too, Mike, for the rides across your wonderful country -
The wide open spaces, the wind in our faces
The smell of the sage - took me to another age
When the land was free - for the likes of you and me!

England is winding roads, small fields boxed in by fences and hedges, and towns and large cities not 30 miles apart with pollution that clouds the stars from shining through! In my minds eye, I can still see your star-filled heavens and the expanse of the Milky Way - how lucky you are! Please say Hello to Amanda and thanks for the exotic and interesting meals she made, and Bobbi, for the CD of Chris LeDoux - it sums up in the last song, 'The Song of Wyoming' all that you have there across the "Pond." I wish you all the best for the future - may your way of life always be happy.
 - Andrew M., England / 2004

"I received much more than I paid for . . ."

Hello from Alabama. Hope" ya'll " are doing very well. Please forgive my tardiness in writing to you but the worst thing about our HWL trip was returning to the " noncowboy " way of life and as a result I have not taken the time to express my ( our ) appreciation for the wonderful week we spent with you in Wyoming. Words will never say all that my heart would like to express but they will have to do. Our time with you and the Wyoming country side will never be forgotten. Never have I taken a trip in which I received much more than I paid for and experienced much more than I expected. Being away from the " world " was tremendous but getting to know the Wade family ( Mike , Bobbi , Amanda and Emily , Bud and Katey ) was even better. (Camp cook) Amanda's cooking was awesome and the horses were great but the peaceful evenings around the fire in the crisp cool Wyoming air were beyond imagination. The wildlife ( bald eagles , mule deer, antelope, trumpet swans , sandhill cranes , jack rabbits, trout , beavers ,coyotes) , frosty mornings , cows and calves walking in single file as far as the eye could see , the clang of a hobbled horse in the distant pasture as it grazed in the night , fog above the Green River and new friends made will forever fill my memory of HWL. Thank you for making our experience with you one that Jarrod and I will cherish for a lifetime. I pray for God's continued blessings on all of you. Hope winter is not too cold in the " icebox of the USA ". 
  - Rodney and Jarrod H. / 2004

"Everything . . . was a lifelong dream realized"

I had such a wonderful time out in the Wyoming desert with all who were there. I think the thing that stands out in my mind the most was the riding. I felt that I was able to sharpen my skills which is what I wanted to do. The exploring at a new place everyday was also great, we really were the "Bushwackers". Second to the riding was the FOOD!!! As you could tell our group of girls never went to bed with empty tummies. And also being with such a great family as you guys was truly a pleasure to see. More people today need to really spend quality time together and working is a part of life that you can never learn at too young of an age. Everything about the trip was a life long dream realized . . . Thanks for all your hard work.  

 - Stephanie T. / 2004, California

"You gave two Aussies a time they’ll always remembe"

High Wild and Lonesome
We traveled 10,000 miles to live out our dream
In the High, Wild and Lonesome of Wyoming State
We longed for the adventure of the cowboy life
A week long cattle drive was now our fate
We arrived in Le Barge suitcases in hand
Full of excitement and readiness to go
We had admired the beauty of the country side
But what was in store we didn’t really know
The first night was the meet and greet
Of our hosts and other “guests” on the ride
Over hamburgers and fries at the local bar
We knew we had new “friends” at our side
Mike Wade – the true cowboy gentleman
Took us through the “Cowboy Way”
He introduced us to our trusted mounts
Then we went and rode in the hills for the day
There were only 10 rules we had to follow
That became 14 by weeks end
I think the celebrations when we broke them
Probably drove Mike around the bend
I had the fine horse Rustler (the Hustler)
Who played on my inexperience but became my friend
I’m not sure if it’s because I got better or he liked my food
But we had a great time in the end
My sister’s ride was Rooster
And I watched her work him like a pro
Rounding up cattle hiding in the fields
She really made him go!
We worked in fields “as big as states”
We all coped with the early morning start
We discovered that our horses really loved the work
We found that we had a new place in our heart
We ate like Kings and Queens all week
Thanks to Amanda – the fantastic camp cook
While Emily and Amanda taught us all to rope
And their dogs always came to look
Our time was fast drawing to a close
So Bobbi serenaded us with guitar and with song
Why is it that when you have such a great time
It never seems to last all that long?
So this here is our message from back home in Australia
We think of you all and time there each day
You gave two Aussies a time they’ll always remember
Thank you for sharing with us your “Cowboy Way”

- Corinna & Sonia, 2004, Australia

"I wish I was back there right now . . ."

What to say? You have given me another week of heaven. I only iwsh I could have this kind of thing all the time. WIth your family and what you do for people, you are truly a gift! Just know that I will carry these experiences with me always. Thank you so much.

  - Jen P. / 2005, Massachusetts

I wanted to write and thank you for the most thrilling experience of my life. Each day I wake up and remember the landscape, horses and company that I so thoroughly enjoyed. I wish I was back there right now in the great state of Wyoming, herding the cattle and living the lifestyle I find so admirable! Your family has shown me a way of life and togetherness that I wish I could live every day of my life . . . I plan on coming back for a second round on your Horse Heaven ride, so tell Redwing to be prepared!

  - Jen P. / 2004

". . . with tears of gratitude, I want to thank you"

I just want you to realize the huge impact that what you do has on the lives of those that cross your path each passing season. I have made many long overdue changes in my life. Much of the thanks is owed to you guys and the beautiful state of Wyoming! So, with tears of gratitude, I want to thank your family for my week in Wyoming's Red Desert. Everybody has been so gracious with their photos, which I enjoy and reminisce over frequently. I made a beautiful album and have framed many of the pictures for my home and office.   - Linda H., North Carolina, 2002

"Horses, open space, friendship, dust, campfire "

Thanks for your "Cowboy" friendship. Hanklyk olank voor jullie gerdnshap en niendelykheiol. (okay, I'm not sure I copied the Flemish correctly here, but it's a compliment nonetheless! BW)   - Frank V. / 2005 & 2002, Belgium

. . . that's now changed into cars, office, competition, airco, numbers, declarations..... if I could choose.....
Cheyenne and the Frontier Days-event was outstanding. After seeing the wild–horse race, I realized how lucky we were that we just had to look for wild horses instead of riding them! That was just crazy but most amusing. I just want to thank you both again for the magnificent time I spent in your company. The organisation, the riding (although very slow!), the atmosphere, the friendship, the food... it was all pico bello!  What attracted me the most in your website was the authenticity on which you are aiming at, and I must say you succeeded in that way with bravura. It's the cowboyway as close as it can be (for cityslickers). Also the way you handle the wild horses (with respect) and the entire environment was most appreciated by me.

  - Frank V., Belgium / 2002

" . . . you have made my dream come true."

"I really don’t know where to begin to thank all of you for the greatest week ever. I have always wanted to be a Cowboy and now you have made my dream come true. Thanks for all the good food (3x a day, Wow!). Thanks for the times around the campfire . . . the time riding every day and Mike, thanks for all the wonderful info you shared with me. I know all the pictures in the world could never show how really beautiful this Country is . . . keep up the good job of making people happy.”   - Arthur L., South Carolina / 2001

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